Let us surprise you with a renewed and bold version of Limoncello.

We are not going to deceive you.

We have taken "la ricetta della nonna" and we have given it a good shake...

Immerse yourself in the freshness and tradition of Vincerol.

Enjoy its unique flavor and delight with every sip.

We have reinvented the classic Italian lemon liqueur.

limoncello vincerol
limoncello vincerol




The jungle dresses up

Elegance has become wildly delicious. Our Limoncello combines the wild touch of nature with the finest sophistication. Why stay behind? Join this flavor adventure and be part of this unprecedented revolution. Let's toast to a tastier and more exotic world!

limoncello shot
limoncello shot
limoncello cocktail
limoncello cocktail

1. In a frozen shot or in a glass with lots of ice. It is recommended to put it in the freezer at least one hour before consumption.

2. Limoncello mixes perfectly with a number of drinks: gin, vodka, anise or even sparkling wines.

Three ways to enjoy a Vincerol

3. As an ingredient or accompaniment to all types of desserts (mousse, tiramisu, frozen dessert...)

Prepare a delicious Limoncello Spritz

The great secret of cocktails is none other than using top quality products.

Follow this advice and all your creations will go to the next level.

Limoncello Spritz Ingredients:

- 50 ml. of Limoncello Vincerol.

- 75 ml. of Prosseco.

- 25 ml. of sparkling water or soda.

-1 slice of lemon and 1 sprig of basil to decorate.

limoncello spritz
limoncello spritz


Vincerol Limoncello has been recognized with the bronze medal at the London Spirits Competition 2023, one of the most prestigious international competitions.

Unlike other competitions, London Spirits is a competition where spirits are judged with end consumers in mind and are ranked under three main criteria: quality, value and presentation.

London Spirits Competition
London Spirits Competition

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